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Break Free of Religious Doctrine to Live Authentic Lives

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Identifying as queer, I am a big supporter of people being allowed to live as they see fit. The proviso being no harm to others in any form while doing so. I also extend this to animals and the earth knowing this is essential to support our connectedness on this spinning ball we all live on together.

I try (and often fail) to walk softly and mindfully, centering love in my thoughts as I traipse the boards of the world. And because of this, I find the need of so many to judge and punish such a fallacy as we are all constantly learning as beings.

Love & Uplift instead!

Religious Doctrine Has the Power to Condemn

I read an article that devastated me the other day about Sharia law condemning three men to death in Nigeria for being gay. Here is a link to an article about this decision in case you missed it in your feed.

Now, if these men are anything like me, they didn’t choose to be attracted to be same-sex attracted it’s not something you choose. They were born that way. You may as well kill people because they have the wrong colour hair or skin. Actually, we do that too, don’t we?

Back to the Sharia decision. What level of arrogance and self-importance must you feel to judge another based on your religious beliefs and take away their life?

I just cannot.

They are to be stoned to death. Imagine how painful and drawn out that would be. And for simply loving another person, it’s just that someone disapproves it’s against their religious beliefs.

Grey Skulls Piled on Ground by Renato Danyi
Grey Skulls Piled on Ground by Renato Danyi

They have the right of appeal against this decision. I hope that someone recognizes the enormity of this wrong and frees these men to live their lives as they see fit.

And the world stands by and watches.

When Will We Learn

In this instance, Muslim folks are at the center of this narrative, and a small cross-section at that. But what I really have an issue with is when religions seek to shape life for all of us and direct their believers to judge and sentence outside of their particular sect.

Now I am not advocating the end of religion or condemning people for believing what they believe, not at all. If you are a part of a religion that gives you support and comfort and a purpose to your life. Great. Wonderful, I am genuinely happy for you.

BUT, that does not give you the sanction to judge everyone around you according to your beliefs. It just doesn’t. Respect folks, not judge. And certainly don’t kill them. Can any of you actually see how wrong it is to take the life of another for any reason?

For those Christian folks nodding their heads and feeling super pious at this point, stop. Christians are some of the worst perpetrators and haters of anyone. After all look what happened to the son of God, he had to bring himself back to life after he was slaughtered. Yes I know the story, remember the betrayal and denouncement?

Religious Doctrine Silhouette Image of Person Praying by Rodolfo Clix
Silhouette Image of Person Praying by Rodolfo Clix

I have lost count of the times I have heard Christians denouncing me and my kind. That being same-sex attracted is evil and wrong, and that we should all be killed.

Hatred Enforces the Closet

I send love to all those who hide their true selves because who they are conflicts with their religious beliefs. To have to hide your true self to be accepted by your church, mosque, or any place of worship, what a despicable place to live.

To love the religion and be hated by the interpretation must be the worst kind of ostracism imaginable. To be yourself, you have to give up everything but to be a part of your religion you already have.

Love each other, forget the fear & the hate the human spirit is capable of so much beauty.

We are all on this ball together let’s stop the fight and make it work.