Farm For Sale Palawan to Likeminded Investors, Philippines

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We are looking for a group of energetic people who want to join us in creating this eco friendly business. become a shareholder in our corporation and help us build our business that plans to:

  • Grow an abundance of nutritious food according to permaculture principles – naturally and without chemicals
  • Connect paying volunteers to local community events for meaningful engagment
  • Promote the principles of networking and shared ownership as a key factor in business success
  • Create training opportunities to help build capacity and create opportunities in the local community
  • Help spread the principles of permaculture growing to the local farmers
  • Provide high quality, organic produce to the local resorts – strawberries, mushrooms, and many more
  • Consult with shareholders to reflect the myriad of ideas and skills that are present in a diverse mixture of participants
  • The corporation will own this property and it will be the principle place of operation with plans to expand the model over time

Why a Permaculture Corporation?

  • It creates a legal entity that allows Foreign residents to work alongside Filipino nationals – sharing knowledge, cultures and laughter
  • Shareholders have a legal holding that can be sold at any point – it is the most realistic way for foreigners to access land ownership
  • It enables people to have a part time involvement in a full time business
  • Sole farmers often fail due to overwork, lack of funds and no access to updated agriculture skills – this model addresses all of these issues with a load shared amogst a group of owners

See more images at The Haven Permaculture Page


The House

Ipil wood house at farm sale Palawan





The house was initially a rice bodega built from hand cut Ipil wood. Renovated in early 2015, this comfortable two bedroom home is a mixture of Ipil wood and natural, Filipino building materials.

  • a 3 metre wide front verandah that helps cool the house
  • two bedroom, kitchen/dining, bath/toilet, living room, study
  • two storey’s – with large living area and a study that can be used as a third bedroom
  • spacious rooms – ideal for Filippino or foreigner
  • electricity
  • barangay water and nearby hand pump attached to a deep well
  • naturally cool inside with nearby shaded trees
  • large fenced garden for added security
  • screens on all windows, screen doors on both back and front doors
  • ceilings in all rooms
  • Fully furnished

The Farm

At the duck pond at farm sale PalawanThe farm itself is a lush combination of upland and potential rice field/food forest. Fully fenced, it has been lovingly developed over the last three years into a wonderful sanctuary for its owners and the natural wildlife.





  • relocation survey completed January 2017
  • titled property
  • 2nd lot with legal easement – we have a built driveway with car/motorbike access (100 metres from main rd)
  • 10 mature mango trees – many mature calamansi and banana (different varieties) trees, pineapple, roselle, citrus, kahil, orange, santol, rambutan and more
  • 1.3 hectare potential rice field – it has been used as a rice field for 30 years. We have rested it for three years to rejuvenate the soil
  • a second hand pump with access to deep well
  • mulched beds ready for planting
  • 4 dug ponds for stored water and ducks
  • canal through rice field provides water when available
  • dug swales for re hydrating the soil
  • upland areas are cleared and maintained

Outside of the house at farm sale PalawanPineapple and calamansi growing at farm sale PalawanPineapple overlooking the rice field at farm sale PalawanFront driveway at farm sale PalawanRejuvenated rice field at farm sale PalawanCalamansi trees at farm sale PalawanCalamansi trees at farm sale PalawanNew pond at farm sale Palawan























The climate here is a bit different to most of the Philippines – the area has been dubbed little Baguio. The reason is the farm is located in a valley, and whilst it is warm and tropical during the day, we are fortunate to have it cool down from 5pm to around 7am.

It is always a relief at the end of the day when the coolness descends and we are thankful for the cool mists in the morning that make the range of products we can grow here almost endless.


Ideally situated to provided quality fruit and vegetables to high end resorts in Port Barton (a short drive on a newly made rd at your doorstep), Roxas and El Nido. All three are serviced by shuttle vans and buses that drive regularly past the farm gate.

  • on Port Barton rd 24km from beautiful Port Barton
  • 2.5 hours by road from El Nido
  • in Barangay Abaroan 13 kms from the closest town Roxas

Cost to Invest 

Contact us for an investment prospectus. We want to accomodate all potential investors large and small who have a passion for permaculture and working with volunteers and the community so talk to us about what works for you.

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