A Matter of Inconvenience

In Thoughts by Secret Squirrel

I woke up as if from a dream when she spat that it was a matter of inconvenience in an email of high importance. Unbelieving of what I had read I sat and mulled over the brief but fierce exchange of force glowing on my screen.

A person who I had previously thought of as generous and kind showed a side that left me gasping for breath in the breadth of the truth that it uncovered. Not just with the one that spoke but a global truth that had been waving to get my attention for years.

How it Happened

It had been a simple question asked in an apparent fit of naiveté. I thought it was straightforward but apparently not. The purpose was not to inconvenience it was simply to help a third who had less, a huge amount almost starving with their family less that we could help using just a few moments of time.

But I was lectured that his demise was inconvenient and not allowed to affect business. That the one needing a hand was the only one that could be put out – as if starvation wasn’t enough of a nuisance, perhaps she thought it was a lifestyle choice like the waifs we are bombarded with in mainstream media.

I had never thought that was the answer to the crap in the world but the more I thought the more it made gruesome sense.

When it comes to helping out people, the environment or in fact doing anything that is outside the ego most just cannot be bothered.

Oh it gets dressed up as being inconvenient and somehow that makes it all right but really that is such a copout and you know what’s even worse – I have spun the same line myself and felt fully justified and maybe even a tiny bit smug.

Reach Out and Touch No-one

The world is a mess and our egotistical private bubbles are not working for us in the developed world. Everyone thinks they are but what is happening is that people are creating their safety islands that define their existence.

They want to be seen to be helpful, giving and compassionate BUT when it really comes down to are they doing it to improve people’s lives or to look good and stroke their own identities.

Yes this is a radical generalisation, I get that but I am pissed. I look at the third world around me – I mean at my doorstep, and despair. I don’t get how as a world community we are leaving so many behind.

Children are literally starving, I don’t mean the on posters to make you feel guilty kind, they are really starving – and if children are starving then so is the rest of the community. Don’t just take my word for it look at the World Hunger Organisations statistics.

Bugga Inconvenience

Giving a helping hand is nothing to do with convenience and everything to do with need. In my experience life going to crap is always inconvenient for the person going through it so let’s be compassionate and understanding and stop leaving people behind just because helping them doesn’t suit us.

Have a look at what you are doing and decide – part of the change or a part of the stagnation? I know what I want my history to be.